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Our wedding guest book is now closed.  Thanks to every one who signed in.  We really appreciate it.


Lucy & Curt


Posted by Laura Morita-Yeun on Thursday October 04, 2001 @ 06:18:20 PM Pacific Time.

We thought of you while we were in Italy. I know you had a great time, and I wish we could have been there! I'm looking forward to the honeymoon webpage.

Posted by Dana Glaspie on Tuesday October 02, 2001 @ 11:19:12 AM Pacific Time.

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you both. OMEDETO GOZAIMASU!! Nice website.

Posted by Ivonne Chen and James Trinh on Thursday September 13, 2001 @ 08:27:18 PM Pacific Time.

We just got your invitation today. Congratulations! We are very happy for you two. We've been wondering what has happened to Lucy. Unfortunately, we won't able to make it your wedding. Thank you for inviting us.

Posted by anonymous_coward (Chris Yeun) on Sunday September 02, 2001 @ 11:15:50 AM Pacific Time.

Congratulations Curt and Lucy...looks like your wedding is going to be quite beautiful. Sorry Laura and I can't make it (we'll be in Italy). Very nice website...can I rip off your code :-)

Posted by Carl B. on Monday August 20, 2001 @ 05:17:26 AM Pacific Time.

Yo bro - cool website, I guess I won't need to be asking for directions. I eagerly anticipate the event! --- Carl

Posted by Laura (Parks) Scholl on Thursday August 02, 2001 @ 08:59:46 PM Pacific Time.

Congratulations! I would love to come, but we will not be able to attend the wedding. This web page is great, and I learned a lot from the links that you provided. I hope that you have a beautiful wedding.

Your cousin Laura

Posted by Greg on Friday July 20, 2001 @ 03:54:17 PM Pacific Time.

This is so exciting, and cross-cultural!
And I love the little wedding-invitation-
promotional-insert that lists this web page!
(This would be called a "blow-in" in the
newspaper business. I won't say more or
I'll get you two into trouble.) So, where's
the webcast? We want to multiply that happiness
by as large a market as possible. (Oh, no,
sorry, that's no longer fashionable.) Here's
my truly deepest wish for you both: that you
support each other in the search for meaning
and the satisfaction of your desires ...

Posted by Bruce on Thursday July 19, 2001 @ 03:56:45 PM Pacific Time.

"May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live."

Posted by Paul Bertucci on Wednesday July 18, 2001 @ 09:19:14 AM Pacific Time.

Awesome! The Gamble House looks so beautiful!
Great choice... We look forward to seeing you all
on the 29th to celebrate with you... We are triple
happy for you!! Paul & Vilay Bertucci

Posted by Curt on Tuesday July 17, 2001 @ 09:13:58 PM Pacific Time.

The first message!!
Whoo whoo!


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