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Double Happiness

Note: The following pages were created in preparation for our wedding in the Spring of 2001. -cb

Lucy and I are getting married September 29th 2001 and we are both doubly happy about it!  Come, see more.

This Chinese character, shuang-xi, is the "double happiness" character used to express the joy and happiness surrounding two people joining in marriage.   The "double happiness" character is also used to bid the newlyweds a future of prosperity, health, fertility and wisdom.

For those of you who have not seen us in a while here are some more or less recent photos of us:

Lucy and Curt
Hong Kong Island, August 2000

Christmas in Ridgecrest, 2000

Inside is more information about the wedding celebration.  If you are visiting the Bay Area you might find the section on travel and maps helpful.

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Lucy and Curtis



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